Beer Tastings

Beer experts will be running beer tastings throughout the week to help you learn more about the craft which goes into making Britain’s best beers. Tickets are on sale now!

Champion Beer of Britain

Tuesday & Wednesday
£16 CAMRA Members

The best of the best- Roger Protz takes you through six of the winning beers from the 2019 Champion Beer of Britain competition, including the overall winner!


Introduction to Beer

Tuesday – Saturday
£10. No CAMRA member discount.

New to beer, or just want to know more about how your favourite brews are made? Sample four different beer styles whilst discovering the four basic ingredients of beer, how they affect flavour and create such different tasting brews.



USA Beer Tasting
£16 CAMRA members

The Brewers Association presents a Masterclass tasting of seven super-fresh, sought-after, top quality American craft beers that are rarely, if ever, available in the UK. What’s more, several American craft brewers will be making the trip over to GBBF to present the beers themselves. Join us as we talk and taste our way through a range of diverse and innovative American craft beers at the pinnacle of the craft brewing movement.


Beer Judging Training Course

£40. No CAMRA member discount.

Learn how to professionally assess beers and earn yourself a qualification by judging three rounds of beer ‘competitions’ to CAMRA’s standards. It will include the tasting of 13 beers shortlisted for CBoB.
By the end of the session, you will be able to:
• State the key criteria in judging beer and explain how different factors can influence any judging
• List the criteria of what makes a good beer judge and the pitfalls that can occur
• Identify some of the more usual off flavours in beer and where they can come from
• Be able to state the differences between different beer styles

Essential Home Brewing

£16 CAMRA members

Ever thought about brewing your own beer? With such a wide range of equipment and ingredients out there, taking your first steps in home brewing can seem daunting. Andy Parker went from home brewer to the owner of multi-award winning microbrewery Elusive Brewing. Author of CAMRA’s Essential Home Brewing, join him for a tasting and talk about the creation & recipes of Elusive’s Lorn Nelson, Big Smoke’s Underworld, and Siren Craft Brew’s Yu Lu!

Adnams Brewer Led Beer Tasting
£17 CAMRA members

Head Brewer of the award-winning Suffolk brewery Adnams, Fergus Fitzgerald will be talking you through a selection of their beers, telling stories about the brews, and their brewing process.

Beer & Cheese
£17 CAMRA members

What’s better than eating cheese? Eating it whilst drinking beer! Like beer, cheese comes in a wide range of intensities and styles, so join us for a guided tour through the world of dairy and enjoy some foolproof pairings.
Beer & Chocolate
£17 CAMRA members

Get your beer geek on and discover how chocolate can influence the taste of beers by mixing and matching a range of beer styles with some delicious chocolates. It’s not just about dark beers, you’ll get to sample a variety of styles and combinations that produce some amazing unique flavours.

Cider Tastings

Cider Styles 101
Thursday 6pm
£10. No CAMRA member discount.
Do you know your acidity from your astringency, your esters from your ethyl acetate or your phenolics from your florality? Quite possibly not.  But that’s because cider has never achieved a level of language or stylisation that been associated with beers for centuries.  Well, now is the time to move beyond the normal descriptors of simply “medium”, “traditional” or “scrumpy”.  Now is the time learn what cider actually tastes like. Join The Ciderologist, Gabe Cook, as he takes you on a journey through time and taste to uncover the wonderful world of cider styles.
The Ciderologist, Gabe Cook, is an award-winning, global cider expert attempting to change the way the world thinks and drinks cider. Gabe is the author of Ciderology and is C4 Sunday Brunch’s cider expert. Industry consultant and a trusted independent voice on all things cider, he is Cider Director at The Beer and Cider Academy and chairs numerous global cider competitions.

Full Beer Tastings Timetable

Date Beer Tasting Time CAMRA member price Non-member price
Tuesday 6th Champion Beer of Britain 6-7pm £16 £18
Tuesday 6th Introduction to Beer 6-6.45pm £10 £10
Tuesday 6th USA Beer Tasting 7.30-8.30pm £16 £18
Wednesday 7th Beer Judging Training Course SOLD OUT 1-5.30pm £40 £40
Wednesday 7th Champion Beer of Britain SOLD OUT 1.30-2.30pm £16 £18
Wednesday 7th Champion Beer of Britain 6-7pm £16 £18
Wednesday 7th Introduction to Beer SOLD OUT 6.30 -7.15pm £10 £10
Thursday 8th Introduction to Beer 1-1.45pm £10 £10
Thursday 8th Essential Home Brewing 1.30-2.30pm £16 £18
Thursday 8th Adnams Brewer Led Beer Tasting 6-7.30pm £16 £18
Thursday 8th Cider Styles 101 6-6.45pm £10 £10
Friday 9th Introduction to Beer 1-1.45pm £10 £10
Friday 9th Beer & Cheese 2-3pm £17 £19
Friday 9th Beer & Chocolate 6-7pm £17 £19
Friday 9th Introduction to Beer 6.30-7.15pm £10 £10
Saturday 10th Introduction to Beer 12-12.45pm £10 £10
Saturday 10th Introduction to Beer 2.30-3.15pm £10 £10

Please note all tasting tickets are add-ons and entrance tickets to the festival need to be purchased additionally.