Joining our brewery-run bar line-up at the Great British Beer Festival for the first time this year is Cheshire’s Tatton Brewery!

How about you start by telling us about Tatton Brewery?
Tatton Brewery has been supplying beers across the North of England from our brewery in the heart of Cheshire for over nine years – and have gained a great reputation for designed-in drinkability and variety, with each beer having its own individual character. We strive to use local produce and ingredients, and our beers’ distinctive flavour derives from our own unique historic Cheshire yeast, making them stand out from the crowd.
Our beers are renowned for their quality and consistency – we know that each and every pint of Tatton beer needs to be as good as the last. In short, we make “no hype, no-nonsense, beer you can trust”.
Our cask regulars are always available: Tatton Blonde, Tatton Best and Tatton Gold, complemented by our seasonal and contemporary specials of varying styles and strengths, perfectly matched to the calendar year. If you’re looking for bottled beers then our regulars are always in stock, with about six specials in addition to this at any one time.

Can you describe your brewery in three words?
No – but I can in four… ‘beer you can trust’

What are your personal favourite styles of beer?
Boring brown bitter, Cascadian Dark Ale.

Which of your beers is the biggest fan favourite/most popular?
Fan Favourite: Lazy Haze – a tea-honey-fruit fantasy
Most Popular: Tatton Blonde – a finely-hopped Trans-Atlantic pale ale.

Which of your beers would you recommend to a first-timer at your bar?
For a traditional drinker – Tatton Best – a perfectly-tuned traditional best bitter. If you’re looking for something with a contemporary slant then try our XPA, a light pint of hop magic that guarantees a bright start to your day. (Marketing Dept. : Don’t forget to tell them it’s “juicy”).

Best beer snack?
More beer! Or, if you must, a pickled egg and a pork pie.

If you could get one music artist/celebrity to represent your brewery, who would best fit your business and ethos?
Terry Pratchett. His sense of humour and understanding of the human condition really resonates with me – he also writes stimulating equal-opportunity female characters – The Wyrd Sisters, Monstrous Regiment, Tiffany Aching.
Quintessential Terry Pratchett beery quote: “Quaffing is just like drinking, except you spill more.”

If you could make a beer using any flavours, and guarantee that it be delicious, which flavours would you love to use?
Garlic. In my household, there is no such thing as “too much garlic”. I have had garlic beer. I have not had a good garlic beer. Yet.

What are you looking forward to at the Great British Beer Festival this summer?
Great variety, top quality, no duff beers.

What makes the Great British Beer Festival special, and what has motivated you to come this year?
It is a great gathering of beer brewers, beer drinkers, and beer odd-bods. We thought we should shine the light of Cheshire’s finest beers down in the dark city.

What exciting things does your brewery have coming up?
We’ll be employing a cocktail mixologist as chef de brew.

Try Tatton’s beers at the Great British Beer Festival – get your tickets today!