Gluten-Free Beers

We have a selection of gluten-free beers available at the Great British Beer Festival. This list is subject to change so do ask at the bar for further information.

Bar 01 Windsor Castle Bar
Tempest, Pale Armadillo, 3.8%
Tirril, Red Barn Ale, 4.4%

Bar 03 Edinburgh Castle Bar
Gun, Scaramanga, 3.9%

Bar 04 Giant’s Causeway Bar
Nene Valley, A beer Named Leeroy, 5.5%
Nene Valley, Pulping on Your Stereo, 4.5%
Windswept, Mistral, 3.7%

Bar 05b Siren Craft Bar
Lumina, 4.2%

Bar 05c Siren Craft Bar
Bibble, 4.2%

Bar 07 Shared Bar
Blackstorm, Tropical Storm, 4.2%
Blackstorm, Porter, 5.2%

Bar 09 Ben Nevis Bar
Longdog, Lamplight Porter, 5%
Longdog, Red Runner, 4.2%

Bar 12  Caernarfon Castle Bar
Barsham, Robin Stout, 4.6%
Beerble Fish, Pan Galactic Pale, 4.6%
Brass Castle, Bad Kitty, 5.5%
Brass Castle, Misfit, 4.3%
Monty’s, Dark Secret, 5.5%
Monty’s, Malarkey, 3.8%

Bar 14 Angel of the North Bar
Firebird, Parody, 4.5%

Stealth, Covert, 3.9%