Gluten Free Beers

Below is our list of gluten-free beers available at the Great British Beer Festival 2019! We are constantly updating this list, so don’t forget to check back to see all of our gluten-free beers. 

Bar 03 Boadicea Bar
Bluestone, Elderflower Blonde 4%
Bridgehouse, Pale Bandit 3.6%
Firebird, Heritage 4%
Firebird, Parody 4.5%
Stealth, Solitude 5.3%

Bar 04 Endeavour Bar
Allendale, Gluten free Pale Ale 4.7%

Bar 05 Plumage Archer Bar
Boudicca, Three Tails 3.9%
Brass Castle, Bad Kitty 5.5%
Nene Valley, Release the Chimps 4.4%
Nene Valley, Simple Pleasures 3.6%
Nene Valley, Egyptian Cream 4.5%
Wold Top. Scarborough Fair 6%
Wold Top, Against the 4.5%

Bar 06 Admiral Fuggle Crystal Maize Bar
Dancing Man, White Crow 5.5%
Tonbridge, American Pale 5%
Tonbridge, Golden Rule 3.5%

Bar 08 Citra Bar
Brentwood, Marvellous Maple Mild 3.7%
Durham, Magus 3.8%
Gun, Scaramanga  3.9%
Shiny, Wrench 4.5%
Shiny, Disco Balls 5.3%

Bar 09 Halcyon Bar
Powderkeg, Speak Easy 4.3%

Bar 11 Shared Brewery Bar
Moon Gazer, Pintail 3.9%

Bar 18 Apollo Bar
Brass Castle, Bad Kitty 5.5%
Brass Castle, Fruit Lupe 4.8%
Electric Bear, Zorbing 4.1%
Wishbone, Greenflute 4.2%

Bar 19 Pioneer Pavilion Bars 
Magic Rock, Saucery 3.9%
Magic Rock, Fantasma 6.5%
Siren Craft, Futurist 4.8%
Siren Craft, Oats on Oats 7.2%