For venue related queries including parking and accessibility please see Olympia London’s website.

Will there be bag searches?

Yes, we will be conducting bag searches at the entrance to the festival. Please note, we will also be conducting random body searches which will be carried out by same-sex staff.

Is there a smoking area?

Yes, there is a dedicated outdoor smoking area. You can swap your current glass/drink for a numbered token and leave it with one of our Stewards to keep it safe as you cannot take glasses outside.

Can I leave and come back in the same day?

We do allow you to leave and come back on the same day but please make sure that you have spoken to a team member on the door before leaving to receive your pass out. There is no readmission after the last admission times. Last entry is 30 minutes before closing.

I'm a CAMRA member, how do I purchase discounted tickets?

To get your CAMRA discount on your tickets you will need to enter your promotional code on the first page when purchasing. Your promotional code has been emailed to you- if you haven’t received this please contact events@camra.org.uk with your membership number. The discount code is not the same as your membership number.

What's the ticket refund policy?

Unfortunately no refunds can be issued on advanced tickets. Call 01727 798459 for further information.

I've ordered my ticket but haven't received the email?

Please check your spam folder. If nothing is there please email events@camra.org.uk with your details or call 01727 798459.

Are under 18s allowed/can I bring my child?

All under 18s receive free entry but must remain in the Family Room and be supervised by an adult at all times. We do not allow pushchairs or children held in parents’ arms on the festival floor. Children cannot go onto the festival floor, but adults can take their drinks up to the Family Room. Children can find a range of activities on offer in the Family Room including giant modelling, puppet making, face painting, balloon modelling and much more.

Disability access - is there allocated seating?

Unfortunately, we do not have any allocated seating, but there is plenty of seating available, please refer to the site plan for more information. Alternatively, our VIP ticketed seating will be situated on the first floor and is accessible by lift.

Does Olympia London provide disabled access?

Yes, Olympia London offers full access for everyone to enjoy the festival. Find out more about Olympia London’s facilities here.

Can I get a ticket for my essential companion?

Any guest requiring an essential carer/companion in order to attend can get one free ticket, which is issued at the door.

Is the festival dog friendly?

Unfortunately, only assistance dogs are allowed into the festival.

Can I bring my own chair?

Yes, however we advise that these be small stools like you might use to go fishing. If you bring anything bigger, we do reserve the right to remove these and hold them in storage until you exit the festival.

What's Ask for Angela?

Ask for Angela is an innovative campaign enabling those who feel vulnerable in pubs and clubs to discreetly approach a member of staff and request assistance. The scheme will be available at this year’s Great British Beer Festival. The ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative aims to reduce sexual violence and vulnerability by providing visitors to the festival with a non-descript phrase they can use to gain assistance from staff members in order to be separated from the company of someone with whom they feel unsafe due to that person’s actions, words or behaviour.

Can I keep my festival glass?

On arrival to the festival, you will need to purchase a festival glass for £3. We have three types of glasses, pint, half-pint and gin. At the end of the festival, you can exchange your glass for your money back or keep the glass as a souvenir. You can also exchange your glass for a different size or a clean one at any point during your visit.

Are there soft drinks available at the festival?

Yes there will be various soft drinks available from the food stalls along with a dedicated coffee stall.

Will there be water at the bars to rinse my glass out?

There will be various water points throughout the festival situated at the front of the bars for you to clean your glass and have a drink of water. If you’re not sure where your nearest water point is then please ask at a bar.

How much are beers at the festival?

Our beers usually range from £3.40 to £10.00 per pint. £10?! Don’t worry, the more expensive beers have a high alcohol content and are served in smaller measures. Beers can be purchased in third, half or full pint measures.

Where can I get allergen information on the beers?

All of our bar staff will be able to provide allergen information on the beers they are serving. Where possible we will make information available in advance with our online beer lists, but we strongly advise that you ask on site at the bar.

Is the festival open to the public on Tuesday 6th August?

The festival’s Trade Session takes place between 12 noon-5pm on Tuesday and is for members of the trade only. The festival is open to members of the public from 5pm-10:30pm. Season ticket holders will gain entry to the trade session.

When does the famous Hat Day take place?

Hat Day will take place on Thursday 6th August!