Today we’re hearing from Wild Beer Co, who are part of our new keg beer area of the Great British Beer Festival, Pioneer Pavilion.

How about you start by telling us about your brewery, who you are and what your role(s) at the brewery are?
We’re the events and marketing team at Wild Beer – the ones that you’ll see at events, replying to your social media queries and giving our beer alllllll the love. At Wild Beer Co. we are constantly in pursuit of flavour, inspired by ingredients and driven by authenticity. Wild Beer Co. was born out of a love of barrel ageing (of which we have more than 700!) and mixed fermentation in 2012. From then, we have consistently been challenging perceptions and pushing the boundaries of what makes a beer a beer.

Can you describe Wild Beer in three words?
Wild, Experimental, Innovative.

What are your personal favourite styles of beer?
We are all about barrel aged beers and fruit beers here, although we love so many styles.

Which of your beers is the biggest fan favourite/most popular?
Pogo always sells the best at the festivals we attend and is perfect for an enjoyable afternoon with friends. Alongside Pogo, people are always loving our sours and special limited edition keg only beers such as B*wildered, our cherry and chocolate imperial stout.

Which of your beers would you recommend to a first-timer at your bar?
Pogo is a great introductory beer. It’s easy drinking and a great way to acquaint yourself with Wild Beer and fruit beers. With a sessionable ABV and recognisable tropical fruit characteristics, it’s always a winner! If fruit isn’t your thing, Millionaire, our millionaire shortbread inspired milk stout.

Best beer snack?
We love pairing our beers with cheese! As we’re based on the same site as Westcombe Dairy, we have access to the finest artisanal cheese around!

If you could get one music artist/celebrity to represent your brewery, who would best fit your business and ethos?
This was a difficult question, originally we instantly thought of The Wurzels due to their Somerset heritage, however after giving it some thought, we decided on Grayson Perry. He is a creative who challenges the perceptions of the many and embodies modern creativity.

If you could make a beer using any flavours, and guarantee that it be delicious, which flavours would you love to use?
Cheese, since starting the brewery over 5 years ago on a dairy farm we have always wanted to incorporate cheese produce in one of our beers. We recently tried using the dairy’s discarded product however it didn’t turn out quite how we’d imagined… We haven’t managed to crack it yet!

What are you looking forward to at the Great British Beer Festival this summer?
We’re looking forward to showing off our wide range of keg beers, pouring alongside some great breweries and hopefully changing some perceptions…

wild beer barWhat makes the Great British Beer Festival special, and what has motivated you to come this year?
It’s great that kegged beers are being represented at GBBF this year. CAMRA are pivotal in the beer world and the opportunity to show people what we do and what we produce at their event is important in the evolution of the industry.

What exciting things do Wild Beer have coming up?
We’ve recently launched our ‘Fruition’ project which celebrates fruit in beer- one of our favourite ingredients. Fruition celebrates the diversity and versatility of fruit beers and the way in which it can be dominant or a nuance. We have made everything from raspberry stouts, to dry and sour apple beers, barrel-aged hedgerow fruit beers that are dry and tannic and spiced pineapple beers that are juicy and refreshing. We have lots of amazing plans spanning the country to continue with our Fruition project – watch this space!

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