In the next meet the brewer series we’re chatting to another festival first-timer and London local, Gorgeous.

So, tell us about your brewery, who you are and what your role(s) at the brewery are?
We’re Gorgeous Brewery – a family run, independent brewery based in the heart of Highgate, London. Gorgeous Brewery has a small, tight-knit team who all share a passion for creating an eclectic, deliciously drinkable range with an emphasis on hand-crafted quality. The brewery works with little automation, so a whole lot of care and hard work goes into everything we make.

Can you describe Gorgeous in three words?
Independent. Passionate. Quality.

What are your personal favourite styles of beer?
We all love different things. Flavoursome, well-hopped session ales are always great. A Kellerpils or unfiltered lager always goes down a treat too. A well-kept cask of stout or porter also makes for a great drinking experience.

Which of your beers is the biggest fan favourite/most popular?

Rodney the brewery dog

Rodney the brewery dog

‘Geekhunter Extra Pale Ale’ is very popular on cask. At 4.2 per cent ABV, it makes for a great session ale. The light body combined with the aromas from Cascade, Rakau, and Chinook hops means that it tastes and smells amazing. ‘Greaseball’, our American Pale Ale, is very popular on keg. It is brewed with US hops Chinook, Columbus, Crystal, and Simcoe. We have packed hop loads of citrus and resinous flavours and aromas into a 5.4 per cent ABV beer.

Which of your beers would you recommend to a first-timer at your bar?
We’d get an idea of that person’s specific taste, but generally, if you prefer cask, then maybe ‘Glowfly’, our bitter. It’s an approachable and well-brewed example of the traditional English bitter style. It has a malty, toffee character to it, and a mild fruity finish from the English ale yeast we brew it with, and it’s only 4 per cent ABV.

If you prefer keg, we would suggest starting with ‘Goofyhoof’, our Pacific Pale Ale. It’s brewed with NZ, US, and Australian hops which give the beer loads of stone fruit characteristics. Its low bitterness makes for a very easy drinking pale ale at 4.6 per cent ABV.

Best beer snack?
Hot wings.

If you could get one music artist/celebrity to represent your brewery, who would best fit your business and ethos?
Too difficult. Maybe if Keanu Reeves, Danai Gurira, Joanna Lumley, John Oliver and Beast from the X-Men all got together and made a baby, they could be our spokesperson.

If you could make a beer using any flavours, and guarantee that it be delicious, which flavours would you love to use?
There is so much we would love to try. One thing we would love to brew is an imperial version of ‘Gravedigger’, our Vanilla Milk Stout and add some toasted coconut to the brew. ‘Gravedigger’ is currently brewed at 5 per cent ABV for cask with lactose and vanilla; however, I think the extra alcohol and addition of coconut would make it a deliciously luxurious beer.

Gorgeous Brewery documentary January 2018

What are you looking forward to at the Great British Beer Festival this summer?
We’re looking forward to catching up with the other breweries at the event, seeing what they’ve been up to and trying some new beers, as well as getting reactions to our beers. Nothing beats seeing people enjoy a Gorgeous pint!

What makes the Great British Beer Festival special, and what has motivated you to come this year?
The Great British Beer Festival is special because it gathers people together in a celebration of great beers. There’s no denying that well-kept cask ale is a thing of beauty. Thankfully that tradition seems to be going strong!

What exciting things does Gorgeous have coming up?
We’re currently brewing a Passion Fruit Hefeweizen, called ‘Gutentag’. This is an exciting new style for us. We’ve used a huge amount of passion fruit in this brew, and hopefully that carries through into the finished beer. We also have a few other new brews in the pipeline, so keep an eye out!

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