Joining our brewery-run bar line-up at the Great British Beer Festival this summer is Beartown Brewery! Find out what exciting things they’ve been up to in the run-up to #GBBF below:

How about you start by telling us about Beartown, who you are and what your role(s) at the brewery are?
We are Beartown Brewery. A 20 BBL brewery founded in 1994, located in Congleton, Cheshire. We are extremely proud this year to be celebrating our 25th anniversary; we are a family run brewery at the core, firmly rooted in our tradition with big and exciting plans for the future. My name is Robin, and I’m one of three brewers here at Beartown.

Can you describe your brewery in three words?
Ambitious, Hard-Working, Hungry.

What are your personal favourite styles of beer?
I think as a team we’re mostly found drinking pale hoppy numbers, personally, I love an IPA or DIPA in the main. But everyone is usually filling their glass with anything containing big and interesting flavours.

Which of your beers is the biggest fan favourite/most popular?
Kodiak, is one of our biggest sellers and also one of our longest standing recipes, it is a session pale with a citrusy hop character combined with a dry finish. it is extremely popular in our tap-house, The Beartown Tap.

Which of your beers would you recommend to a first-timer at your bar?
Creme Bearlee – A popular choice with stout enthusiasts and equally with those more afraid of the dark. Our Velvety stout made with Madagascan vanilla and molasses is an award-winner for anyone with a slightly sweet tooth. For those looking for a paler affair, CUB, our flagship beer from our new “Cub” Range is a 5.2 per cent blast of Mosaic & Citra, unfiltered and vegan friendly, its proving very popular and even giving some of our tried and tested “bears” a run for their money over the bar.

Best beer snack?
Jalapeño Pretzels! If you know, you know.

If you could get one music artist/celebrity to represent your brewery, who would best fit your business and ethos?
Celebrities? We’re not a huge fan of popular culture in Beartown, we’re kinda down to earth. Let’s say Keanu Reaves; I’ve heard he’s a real chiller.

If you could make a beer using any flavours, and guarantee that it be delicious, which flavours would you love to use?
It seems with everyone being so keen to experiment there aren’t many stones that have been left unturned flavour-wise. I’ve seen that Yonder have used foraged ingredients, Nuts, botanicals etc. in their beers including a pilsner with nettles & dandelions. which sounds really interesting to try.

What are you looking forward to at the Great British Beer Festival this summer?
Sharing our passion for our products with everyone that will be there. And, of course, sampling some of the great work that other people are producing at the moment.

What makes the Great British Beer Festival special, and what has motivated you to come this year?
GBBF gives us a great opportunity to come together with some ale-enthusiasts and great breweries from across the UK, to showcase and celebrate the thing we all got into the business to create, Great Tasting Beer.

What exciting things does your brewery have coming up?
We recently launched our CUB range. Currently at 3 products, the range provides a selection of slightly different beers than people may be used too from Beartown, and we are all really excited to unleash some of the seasonal cubs we have planned over the coming months. We also have a bunch of exciting plans in the pipeline for our 25th-anniversary celebration which will be announced very shortly. We are also committed to expanding our current production capacity including investing in a brand new brewhouse.

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